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    Coaching.  Individuals and teams need feedback and coaching. Coaches provide information, insight, feedback, encouragement, instruction, and positive reinforcement.

    Communication.  Communication is the exchange of information, with understanding, from one person to another.

    Counseling.  Counseling refers to the (often formal) process of providing advice.

    Decision Making.  Decision making involves making a selection from among alternative courses of action and is a core skill for team building and leadership.

    High Performance Team Tools.  High performance team tools provide a range of techniques and methods whereby high performance teams can be formed, developed and maintained.

    High-Performance Team Wheel.  The nine dimensions of the high-performance team wheel are: Straight talk, Alignment, Resourcefulness and Possibility, Accountability and Responsibility, Decisive, Coordinated Action, Accomplishment and Celebration, Effectiveness in Breakdowns, Mutual Support and Coaching, Generating Stands.

    High-Performance Teams.  The whole idea behind high performance in teams is that they are willing and able to continually stretch, improve, and exceed expectations.

    HRD.  See Human Resource Development.

    Human Resource Development (HRD).  Human Resource Development is the focused strategy and activities of Human Resource Management that specifically apply to learning and development.

    Leadership.  Leadership is the ability to influence people (by providing purpose, direction and motivation) to accomplish organisational and team tasks and to improve the organisation and team.

    Leadership Coaching.  Leadership coaching provides information, insight, feedback, encouragement, instruction, and positive reinforcement.

    Leadership Development.  Leadership development is not a natural process, and leadership development must be conducted by a combination of study and practice.

    Leadership Skills.  Leadership skills are those skills required to perform effective leadership.

    Leadership Training.  Leadership training is important because a focussed approach to leadership theories and training enables organisations to develop leaders that are highly productive and highly motivated.

    Leading teams.  See Team Leadership.

    Organisational Change.  Two fundamental principles of managed organisational change are: Use the targets of change as the instruments of change, and the process is the change.

    Socio-technical Systems.  Sociotechnical Systems--Origin and Development. A Sage Publications White Paper on the origin and development of sociotechnical systems.

    Team Building.  Team-building covers a range of activities, experiences, and methods employed to establish teams and to improve team functioning and teamwork.

    Team Leadership (Leading teams).  What is the role of team leadership in Self-Directing Teams? The term Self-Directed Teams implies self-leadership. Managing SDTs seems a contradiction in terms.

    Team Performances Measures.  Team Performances Measures is an element of the high-performance team charter.

    Team Training.  Team training is important because a focussed approach to team-building, skills training, and processes and structure enables organisations to build and sustain teams that are highly productive, highly motivated, and essentially self-managing.

    Book Lists

    Change Management.  Topics in the Team Building Glossary related to Change Management are: Managing Change, Change Management Process, Change Management System, Force Field Analysis, Change Management Practice, Resistance to Change, Implementing Change, Change Management Tool.

    Leadership Styles.  Other entries related to Leadership Styles include: Transformational Leadership, Situational Leadership, Leadership Model, Leadership Traits, Great Leaders, Transactional Leadership.

    Performance Management.  Other entries related to Performance Management include: Performance Management, Customer Relationship Management, Performance Appraisal, Performance Indicators, Performance Management Tools, Performance Management Systems, Performance Management Framework, Performance Appraisal Software.

    Team Roles.  Topics in the Team Building Glossary related to Team Roles are: Team Mission, Team Roles and Responsibilities, Team Player, Team Dynamics, Collaboration, Teamwork.


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