Transforming Data Into Actionable Knowledge In Network Centric Warfare


Transforming Data Into Actionable Knowledge In Network Centric Warfare


Author(s): Yan M. Yufik
No pages: 10
Year: 2003
Article ID: 6-1-4
Keywords: command systems, network centric warfare
Format: Electronic (PDF)

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Abstract: The concept of Network Centric Warfare (NCW) is premised on three hypotheses:

  • information sharing promotes shared awareness across the networked force,
  • shared awareness improves collaboration and synchronization, and
  • improved synchronization yields greater mission effectiveness, due to a greater speed of command, resource sharing, and increased lethality, survivability and responsiveness.

This paper continues discussion of these hypotheses, focusing on awareness sharing and its precursor information sharing. By bringing to the fore combinatorial complexity inherent in command decision-making, the paper suggests that: information sharing, as conceptualized in network centric warfare, might depend on radical advances in communication technology; and awareness sharing might require equally radical advances in decision modeling and decision aiding. This paper outlines a model of commander decision making focused on representing and improving battlefield comprehension. The outline is followed by suggestions of how the model can be used to drive content delivery and ease technological demands in realizing network centric warfare.