Fundamentals of Communications and Information Systems


Fundamentals of Communications and Information Systems


Author(s): Mark R. Pickering; Michael J. Ryan; Michael R. Frater
ISBN: 978-1-921138-06-5
Pages: 418
Published: January 2011
Subject: Technology
Format: Print

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As the use of information gathered across communications networks becomes all-pervasive in the office, factory and home, a basic understanding of the underlying technology is becoming ever more important. Fundamentals of Communications and Information Systems sets out to explain the basic technology of communications and information systems.

While it provides technical descriptions of the operation of communications and information systems, this book is not aimed primarily at the technical reader. Rather, it aims to provide an accessible source of information for the lay reader, but without resorting to explanations that are either trivial or misleading. Electrical engineers may find this book useful, however, as a complement to the mathematical explanations of communications technology emphasised in university engineering courses.