Radar Fundamentals


Radar Fundamentals


Author(s): R. Ian Faulconbridge
ISBN: 0-9580238-1-6
Pages: 276
Published: June 2002
Subject: Technology
Format: Print

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Radar is a critical element of many surveillance systems that prevail in today’s military and civilian environments. Its role in these environments includes target detection and identification, navigation and mapping, target tracking and weapons guidance. Modern radar is capable of extracting surprisingly accurate parametric information about its targets including range, bearing, velocity, configuration and identity.

This text covers the basics of radar operations and theory, provides a background into the many radar-related areas and covers the electronic warfare (EW) issues from a radar perspective. Introduction of important radar principles is combined with an explanation of the major types of radar wherever possible so that the reader becomes familiar with the principles and radar types simultaneously.

The text is specifically designed for non-technical people who require an understanding of the most important radar principles, or people with a technical background looking for a broad introduction to radar systems. Accordingly, the text avoids as much as possible of the mathematical complexity inherent in the subject. Those with a more technical bent can delve further into the subject by referring to the endnotes listed at the end of each chapter.