Substantiating the Value Proposition for NCW—Metrics and Indicators

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Issue: Volume 12 - Number 1
Article ID: 12-1-1
Published: March 2009
Subjects: command systems, network centric warfare

Abstract. A set of metrics and indicators is described, developed within a Net-centric Evaluation Framework (NEF) to assist in the evaluation of Network Centric Warfare (NCW) capability. Specifically, the NEF was framed to support the evaluation of progress in the implementation of Australian NCW using a model-test-model approach applied to major military exercises as described in the Australian NCW Roadmap. The NEF was developed to explore the value proposition of NCW and, ostensibly, to provide a vehicle to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of progress in implementation of NCW target states towards achieving a seamless, integrated NCW force. The NEF seeks to provide insight into the value of information in its various forms in terms of its contribution towards warfighting effectiveness. A value proposition was derived from the underlying premises of Australian NCW. A set of metrics and indicators, and attendant analytical constructs relating to the value proposition, were then developed to measure emergent net-centric properties being manifested by the Force in the warfighting environment. The NEF spans both the network and human dimensions described in the NCW Roadmap, and includes consideration of quality of information, networking, situational awareness, shared understanding, collaboration, C2 agility, Force agility, and Force operational effectiveness. The NEF was successfully applied during a recent major military exercise to evaluate the extant NCW capability of a Networked Maritime Task Group.

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